If you're looking to collect information from your users, there isn't a much easier or more straightforward method than a Web form. If designed well, Web forms provide valuable information; if not, they may scare users away. With this in mind, here are a few key tenets of Web form design that every designer should know. All the examples in this article were created with CoffeeCup Web Form Builder .

"Simplify, simplify, simplify." It's one of Thoreau's most enduring witticisms, and with good reason. When faced with the ever-increasing barrage of information that is modern life, many people find solace in minimalism. This trend has taken an especially strong hold on the Web. Minimalism and simplification draw attention to important page elements. Using lots and lots of empty space makes content stand out.

Part two of last week's examination of the personality of punctuation. Click here to read Part 1. Em Dash and Hyphen Em dashes and hyphens are sisters, and whenever they go out together, they get stopped by strangers. "Are you twins? You all look so much alike!" At this, they roll their eyes. Sure, they look similar, but it's obvious — to them, at least — that they're each completely unique.

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