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What Humility Can Do For Your Career
The ministry I work with recently printed out an ad to pass out at a local jazz festival. As usual, things came down to the wire and the design was awaiting it's last minute approval process before going to print the next morning.
Board it Up
If there's one thing to be learned from print design, it's the impact of presentation. Unlike on the web, you can precisely control how your design will be presented, down to the exact dimensions, weight, and even sheen of the paper.
CSS from the Ground Up
Introduction If you are frightened by the prospects of using Cascading Style Sheets, there's no need to be. Using a computer can be daunting for someone coming to it afresh but after a while, you think nothing of it.
Creating Lasting Websites
When my 98 year old grandpa posted a comment on my weblog last fall it hit me in a new way just how much the web is a part of our society. If I open my laptop in a coffee shop and there's no wireless I practically don't know what to do.
Centering Your Web Site With CSS
Using CSS to center elements on a Web site -- whether it's the entire page or a single block or tag -- can be a little tricky at first, especially if you've only used tables to center elements before.
CSS from the Ground Up - Steps 12 through 15
Step 12 – Styling Tables Although tables have been used for page layout since the dark ages of the Web, I think I've shown in this series that CSS layouts offer much more scope and versatility.
Don't Be Afraid of Serif Fonts
As the practice of Web design ages, some common rules and "best practices" inevitably embed themselves in the craft. Among these are the processes for using specific types of semantics when coding your site, like using divs as hooks in your X/HTML for your CSS, and making your page beautiful and functional that way.
Showcase Your Design!
Do you have a good Web design? I'd love to see it. As part of an upcoming article for WPDFD, I'm going to showcase and discuss some good-looking, functional, and well-coded designs. If your design can match any of these three primary descriptors, a screenshot of your design and a link to your site might make it into the article.
Do You Reset Your Web Design?
They've been around for a while now: reset style sheets. They're becoming more commonplace among web designers, and even Yahoo is using a reset stylesheet of their own in their development. There are a few different viewpoints and opinions on the use of reset stylesheets, though.
Bland and Grand Web Designs
One of the greatest aspects about the Web is that it's such an open platform, especially for design. The accessibility and freedom of the Web allows designers to do some very nice-looking things, and it allows for experimentation and interpretation.
Knowing About Web Safe Fonts
What are Web safe fonts? Practically every personal computer has a set of fonts installed. These fonts are usually put there by the computer manufacturer or are the default sets of fonts for the operating system that computer is using.
The Design Environment
I get anxious in certain environments. The reasons for this can vary from general disorganization, to bad lighting or clashing colors, but the biggest culprit is usually clutter. Clutter is the stuff that has no "place," doesn't belong with its surroundings, and serves little to no purpose.
Where Design Really Fits
As a designer, do you know where your work really fits in the process of design? We all love Web design. Looking at a blank white box on a computer screen and using only your mind's eye, a mouse, and a keyboard to transform it into a living, breathing Website is no minor feat, and there is undoubtedly a creative rush when it comes to doing something like this.
But Why Does it Work?
Maybe you've been designing Web sites for quite some time now and you have a clear understanding of the importance of good design. But do you know why good design is so important? What cogs turn in the human brain that makes good design so influential?