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What Humility Can Do For Your Career
The ministry I work with recently printed out an ad to pass out at a local jazz festival. As usual, things came down to the wire and the design was awaiting it's last minute approval process before going to print the next morning.
Where Design Really Fits
As a designer, do you know where your work really fits in the process of design? We all love Web design. Looking at a blank white box on a computer screen and using only your mind's eye, a mouse, and a keyboard to transform it into a living, breathing Website is no minor feat, and there is undoubtedly a creative rush when it comes to doing something like this.
But Why Does it Work?
Maybe you've been designing Web sites for quite some time now and you have a clear understanding of the importance of good design. But do you know why good design is so important? What cogs turn in the human brain that makes good design so influential?