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Simple CSS: Removing the Underline from Links
We frequently get responses and e-mails from viewers, and I see it requested all the time in user forums and elsewhere around the web: how do you remove the underline from links in your Web page? First Method: Inline Style The first way to do this would be to apply a style attribute to your links containing the CSS property "text-decoration." Like so: <a href="link-to-page-here.html" style="text-decoration: none;">Link text here!</a> This will create a link with no underline, but it will only affect that link, so you'll need to apply the style attribute to each link that you want to appear without an underline.
Twelve Things Most Sites Need - Part II
In the first installment, Twelve Things Most Sites Need - Part I , I offered a six-pack of must-haves. Specifically I suggested sites should have a proper navigation menu , a meaningful, well-formed title , a method of contact , a site map , passive accessibility , and standardized markup .
WPDFD Weekly Digest Vol. 1
The WPDFD Weekly Digest (WPDFDWD? That acronym's getting ridiculous!) is a new addition to our article line-up. In it, you'll find links. These links are going to lead you to things in the web design and development world, as well as links to things we hope you'll just find interesting.