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Synessence Synessence
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I've done a dozen sites or so over the years, but this is the first on which I used Safari as my primary preview browser.  Not smart to only use one browser for this, but I was under an extreme time crunch and suspect that I never gave it a look through one of the majors until the bulk of the graphics were done.

Anyway, have a look at these images showing how the site renders in Safari, IE 5.5, and Firefox:

they're all 12 quality, so bear with the download.

The majority of the graphics are jpegs.  they were rendered in Adobe98 colorspace with screen gamma of 2.2.
The details section is probably more meaningful.

The Safari looks great and is in fact dead on with what was in Photoshop.  The IE and Firefox look like, well.....bile and vomit.

I don't know if I'm just violating some simple rule here but its never come up before.  It then occured to me that Safari has the interesting distinction of being ColorSync aware.  Could this be the issue?  Is Safari in fact the only browser rendering the graphics correctly and do I just need to produce sites to the lowest common denomenator?  If so, this makes Safari essentially worthless to designers for build purposes.

If so, is there a way I can salvage the graphics - change the color space?  Tweak the levels?

Any help is muchly appreciated.

- Mitch

Stan Stan
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There is a thread about this same subject over at MAF.
It might help.

Synessence Synessence
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Thank you!  That's perfect!

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