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started by Siva on Oct 27, 2004 — RSS Feed

Siva Siva
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i have downloaded  google toolbar from google site, it is not working in firefox browser. where can i get google toolbar compatible for firefox

Baxter Baxter
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Short answer: You can't. There is no official google toolbar for Moz browsers.

Long answer:
There's a third-party option to put in an unofficial google toolbar out there, (if you google for "google" and "firefox" you'll probably find it), but I didn't care for it at all. In particular, it didn't play nice with the web developer toolbar, which is a MUST HAVE.

What specific google toolbar features are you after? Firefox already has an integrated google search box and pop up blocking, so those two are a waste of time.

If it's just page rank, get the "google pagerank status" extension. Puts page rank in your status bar. Unobtrusive and nice.

Markdevas Markdevas Markdevas Markdevas
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i am agree with Baxter. you want check of page rank of website. you can install Google tool bar.

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