Browsers: How to set 1px height at NN 6.0 for image and TD?

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Goblin Goblin
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I have problems with this staff
For example, at this part I'd like to have two lines (height 1 px) - first is white (transparent image at white background), and the other is blue:

<TR><TD width=5 rowspan=6><img src="/images/rasporka_inv.gif" height=1 width=5></TD>
<TD bgcolor="#316895" colspan=4><img src="/images/rasporka_inv.gif" height="1" width=160></TD>

but at NN6 it looks like line with more then 20px height %(

I tryed to set height as height="1" and height="1px", but with the same result.

At CSS I set <TD> paddings and margins in 0, but with the same result.

Help please!!! The whole page you can see here -

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