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started by Khuypen on Apr 26, 2005 — RSS Feed

Khuypen Khuypen
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I know I am trying to fix something for a bad browser, but I still need to try.

I have a select box with brand names and a registered mark. circle R. the ascii code is ®.  Any names in my select box with the name and that code won't display int he drop down. once you select it , it will display in the text box. This is on IE 5.2 on OS X. Any ideas on what I could do.  The list is dynamically generated by the DB and puts that ascii code in.  Everywhere else that code is put in dynamically, it is rendering the actualy symbol and not the code in the source.  Is there anything i can set in preferences on the Mac or something else I could do? I specify the encoding on  the page and that does not help either.

Thanks for any help.

Joe Gillespie Joe Gillespie
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Try using the entity ® - works for me!

Khuypen Khuypen
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I tried that but am not getting that to display correctly in the other browser (Windows IE, etc) in the dropdown.  It maybe the way the information is being read out of the database through a Select Control. Using ASP.NET to do this stuff.

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