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Mmiv Mmiv
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Hi again I’m having some problems with Navigator and I ask again for your help:

Problem 1: I in the same page the clock (the one we talk about before) and a drop down menu with 21 links or so. The menu when is clicked comes down until de end of the page covering the clock an some under thinks. This in IE works fine but in Navigator I still see the clock after the menu comes down.

Problem 2: I have put a internet search “engine” only for one page (by the way does anybody knows how to put one for the whole web site). Again in IE works fine in NV don’t.

Problem 3 :in the same page I have got a hover button. Since the list I have is long this button is perfect for the going to top thing. The problem again is that it doesn’t work in NV.


Joe Gillespie Joe Gillespie
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Can I just make few points here. If you keep a web page simple, it will work reasonably consistently across browsers. The more complicated it gets, the less likely it will work on differnt browsers. Explorer and Netscape are very different and you don't even mention which versions or on which platform because that introduces yet more differences. IE on Mac and Windows are entirely different programs which only share a name.

Yes, it's fun trying out all these things and the challenge can be rewarding when you get it to work. When you get more experience, you will know what can be achieved and what you should back away from. What you are doing is fighting the medium instead of using it. Do really need all this stuff on your Web page? Have you even considered usability and accessibility? Why use a drop down menu for 21 links when you can just have a page of links that will work reliably for everyone?

Keep it simple. Concentrate on the content instead of the gimmicks.

Having said all that, it is impossible for anyone to tell you why things aren't working from your few lines of description. Put a link to the page so that we can see the problems and the source code.

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