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Pelle Pelle
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I have a problem concerning scroll function in div-'boxes'. My intention is to make a middle-aligned div-box scrollable between a header-box and a footing-box. So far I've managed to get it working in Mozilla and Netscape using the overflow-property ([overflow: scroll] Thanks, Joe!), however in IE6 the scoll function doesn't seem to work. Also, I can't align the vertical scroll-bar sideways (i.e I want to align it to the right end of the window).

Does anybody have a clue to what I can do? I truly would appreciate any help offered

link to page:

Bobert Bobert
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Instead of using overflow: scroll; try using overflow: auto;

That will take out the horizontal scrollbar, and only make the verticle scrollbar appear if it's needed. You could also use overflow-y: scroll; but that will keep the scrollbars even if they aren't needed.

I'm pretty sure that 'auto' will work in IE.

Pelle Pelle
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Thanks for helping!

However I failed to implement your hints with any success. If changed to 'overflow: auto' or 'overflow-y: scroll/auto' the whole page gets vertically scrollable (both in Mozilla, Netscape and IE), including the top and bottom-boxes, between which I want the middle-box to scroll.

What I basically want to do is to use the div-boxes in the same way as one uses frames, i.e. like a scrollable frame that runs between two other frames.

I've played around for quiet some time, trying to straighten this stuff out, but it seems virtually impossible to get it to work in a multiple browser world

Bobert Bobert
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How did you do this? It sounds like you applied the style to the whole page.

You also need to give the div a height. If you don't give it a height, it makes the overflow property useless.

Pelle Pelle
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Nope, the it's all done 'by the book', as far as I know anyway

Feel free to check out the page if you want to and have the time


Baxter Baxter
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It looks like it should work fine EXCEPT you need to set a height on #content or else the scroll will be 99 kinds of buggy.

Maskodok Eko Maskodok Eko
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It looks like it should work fine EXCEPT you need to set a height on #content or else the scroll will be 99 kinds of buggy.
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