Business: complexity of this website? your opinions PLEASE!!!

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Three Dash Three Dash
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Hi everyone,

I am new to web design so please bare with me. I am trying to help a client build his website, and he looked at this site and wanted something similar.

I was wondering if there's anything complex about this website that a NOOB like me would need to look into/understand. (coding side) I might be new at web coding but I can pick it up pretty fast.

thanks in advance for your help.

(website in question)


Liam Gallagher Liam Gallagher
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There's nothing really complex on the website in your comment, Id suggest before you give your client the definite nod, to read up on CSS and understand the basics at least as its all controlled by stylesheets, There is also some javascript in there so to an amateur it may proove quite difficult, there should be plenty of good tuts out there to help you along your way tho and I'm sure there will be users on this forum who will give you a hand if you get too stuck.


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