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Brennan Wolfe Brennan Wolfe
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Right off I want you to know that I dont have a degree in building websites, but i'm offering to create basic websites for anyone needing one, for 200.00. If you need monthly maintance and updates, that only 50.00 more. Thats still less then the professionals are asking. If interested, please email me at I'm doing this to try and make money to pay some bills that got behind when he grandfather passed one. He didnt have insurance, and if we dont get enough money coming in, we could lose our house.

Heres an Example of my work. Example Website

I dont do flash banners, or intros.
I can do frames, and html.
I can do graphics, and backgrounds.
I can put theme music on the website.
I can also create a Message Board.

Alice  P Alice P
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