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Commonwealth Life Investra Link Indonesia, probably most of us have not realized how important life insurance to provide protection for our future and family. As is the case in recent years, numerous natural disasters that many costly, either loss of life or property, as it reminds us of the need for a Best life insurance.

According to this post life insurance is a legal agreement between the insurance companies with the use of insurance. Parties who use this insurance are those who have the same risk and agreed to appoint an insurance company to cover the risk that could arise at any time in their lives. For every Member of the community, including among the corporate world, risk to suffer like this there's always unfortunately. In order to cope with the losses incurred due to such a human, unfortunately develop mechanisms that are currently known to us as insurance. One example of the Indonesian life insurance company i.e., Commonwealth Life Indonesia.

Unit Link Indonesia Commonwealth Life Investra Link

Commonwealth Life insurance Investra Link is Indonesia's best choice of life insurance, health insurance, insurance the best education in Indonesia. The Commonwealth offers Life insurance products such as: Protection, savings Investment in a program unit & links (Link Investra), traditional life insurance (Danatra Scholar, Danatra Sejahtera), protection of savings and credit (COMM Protection), as well as additional insurance programs (accident insurance, assurance of critical illness, hospitalization).

"Unit Link Indonesia Commonwealth Life Investra Link"
Commonwealth Life Indonesia has some of the insurance products they have to offer for you. Each product type has different benefits in order to serve a variety of customer needs and capabilities, including:

Commonwealth Accumulation
Wealth Accumulation
Insurance products in the Wealth Accumulation there are two options that you can select according to your needs, including:

Insurance Investment
is a program that combines Investment in life insurance and flexible. Insurance Investment life insurance offers protection with a wide choice of protection for peace of your life and family. Investment Insurance programs include:
Investra Links
Investra Platinum
COMM Link And COMM Link Premier
more detail at

Insurance & Saving
Commonwealth Life Indonesia gives you the savings and protection of lives with each step in your life. programs include: Saving & Insurance
Danatra Scholar
Dwiguna life insurance is a product that offers protection for the soul as well as the assurance of Education Fund for the sons and daughters of Insured (parent).

Commonwealth Protection
Wealth Protection
Insurance products in the Wealth Protection there are three options which you can choose according to your needs, including:

Life Protection
With Life Insurance Protection products, you can give insurance benefits be death due to illness or accident and help alleviate the burden on the families left behind. Life Protection program include:
Idle Danatra
Money Back In The Safe
Future Protection
Dynamic Plan
Life Protector Plus

Credit Protection
Credit Protection insurance offers protection against Your mortgage payment and provide peace of mind for your family, in case of unwanted things such as death, disability or temporary total disability total anyway. Credit Protection program include:
COMM Protection
Credit Protection Plus
MORTGAGE Life Insurance

Health Protection
Always healthy is the desired conditions of all people, however you can order was disturbed when one of the family members who you hold dear falls ill. Wherever you are, make sure you are protected in the event of an inevitable thing in everyday life. To anticipate events like this, the Commonwealth Life Health Protection will help appease you and your family. program Health Protection include:
Health In The Safe
Medical Fund Benefit
Medical Benefits Plus

Commonwealth Corporate
Corporate products from Commonwealth Life provide protection and guarantees certain welfare to employees, so as to alleviate the burden of financial at the time of occurrence of the risk of death or disability compensation or care due to an accident. Corporate product consists of:

Employee Benefit
the Insurance Group for the welfare of you and Your employees. A good Employee welfare programs can create a feeling of safety and peace for employees of a company. The solution can be

more resource : Commonwealth Life investra link

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