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Dficks Dficks
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Hi! I have a client who wants to use a photo of a wilderness area that is on a US Forest Service Website -- Does anyone know if a picture is on a federal government website, is it considered public domain or do you still have to request permission to use it? Also, is there any good clip art that contains photos of popular natural and man-made landmarks?

Joe Gillespie Joe Gillespie
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Look for a copyright notice on the page or on the site generally but just because there is no copyright notice, you can't assume that anything is public domain. The copyright will be vested in the original photographer.

I have seen such images on stock photo CDs. Buying them individually depends on the company. Search on Google.

Stan Stan
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Go to They aren't free, but they are very cheap (1 US$) and much better quality than what is usually found on the free sites.

Motive Minds Solutions Motive Minds Solutions
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