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Chris Hacken Chris Hacken
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I am a highly skilled web developer and I am currently looking for work. My website is if anyone is looking for custom work at this time. Feel free to email me at (personal-checked more often) or Prices are ranging from $200 for a basic design upwards to $600 for a full site with unlimited add ons. Thank you, hope to hear from some of you soon.

***Update*** Due to a large demand in my services, I have updated my pricing information. Thank you.

Chris Hacken Chris Hacken
Posts: 6

I am looking for more web design work as of now. I am almost done with one of my clients and about to begin on another. Email me or visit the site for a web design quote.




Ken Liang Ken Liang
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Have you tried Elance and Getacoder? Another good place is digitalpoint. Good luck with your job hunting

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Chris Hacken Chris Hacken
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Here's a great forum to find and provide your services. I suggest every designer and visitor looking to hire someone to check it out and possibly join.

Chris Strupp Chris Strupp
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Thanks for the resources I am a Web designer intern.

Digital Extreme Media Group

Jumi Ram Jumi Ram
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Hello Chris Hacken,
I am a freelance web designer, i am getting more leads from my friends and i have no time to do everything. I will mail you whenever a new one comes..
Thank You.
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David Alford David Alford
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Man website designers are coming out of the woodwork. i think 80% of our business is people who hired a so called web designer and he or she left them out in the cold with either an unfinished product or a product no even close to what they wanted. The are a lot of ammeters online claiming to be web designers and do not have a clue. The bought some software that lets them cut , paste drag and drop and all of a sudden eh are experts cause their church let them build a site for them with their new tool. Boy a lot of these guys need to go get a real job especially if they are going to offer to build a site for $200. Man that is a disgrace to the profession and it really devalues the work and the industry.
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Maskodok Eko Maskodok Eko
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Kokokmas Kokokma Kokokmas Kokokma
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You know, Sim City Societies had a lot of potential, it was a great concept that was horribly developed and lacked any kind of depth. The idea of individualize buildings functioning independently playing its role in a largely diverse and thriving city.

The new Sim City appears to be the classic Sim City gameplay we saw with SC4, combined with a far better developed version of the Societies concepts. Looking great guys, don't let us down.

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