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Tng Ting Tng Ting
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I need help pls.

I am doing case study about Enterprising young IT Entrepreneur who has recently started a small business running web hosting services for SME (Small to Medium Enterprise). You frequently need to meet (potential) clients to sell your services to them. You do so with presentations and demonstrations of your products. You will also want to install certain development software for your software development projects.

So everyone can give me idea what software should i use? Thanks

Fatouh Banhawy Fatouh Banhawy
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You can try webERP it is a reliable easy to use online / web based accounting ERP system that requires only a web-browser and pdf reader to use.

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Tng Ting Tng Ting
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Thank a lot =) By the way the software name is Symbyo or? And how much the cost?

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