Graphics: Background colour mismatch

started by Subsub on Apr 4, 2005 — RSS Feed

Subsub Subsub
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Im stuck with some colour matching on my page.
I have a tiled background png for my page, a 2 row table containing a flash banner and then a png in the cell below. All images are cut from the same flash file. pngs exported from flash. The problem I have is that when viewed in Dreamweaver, all looks fine, the background lines up with the table content and the images match. When I fire it up in IE (6) the tiled background is darker than the contents of the table. I have checked all the source images in Pshop and they are fine. Is the background png being rendered differently to the content of the table?

Baxter Baxter
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IE sucks at rendering PNGs. I bet that's the problem.

Joe Gillespie Joe Gillespie
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I've had serious problems with PNGs changing colours in ALL browsers. The trouble is that PNGs are more sophisticated and take colour management into account. Unless your colour management is squeeky clean in Photoshop (ie, you know what you are doing with colour profiles and PS colour management) you could be in deep water in intances such as this. I have reverted to GIFs on a number of occasions when PNGs became unreliable.

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