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Tboss_hidalgo Tboss_hidalgo
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I have an acquaintance who is currently working as Graphic Designer in a printing shop. Hoping to get a job where he work, he asked me if I know Coreldraw and I said "No because we were MAC base in school and we were only taught Freehand". Then, he gave me this 'what-kind-of-school-is-that look' and said "what? Graphic designers are using Coreldraw now". I didn't say anything more after that .

While I know I also have to learn Coreldraw to be a more 'well rounded' designer, I wanna get your thoughts on this. Which one is more commonly use in graphic design now a days? Which one is better?

Joe Gillespie Joe Gillespie
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If the print shop is PC based, they may use CorelDRAW. CorelDRAW has abandoned the program on the Mac platform because it doen't stack up against Illustrator or Freehand by a long way and nobody bought it. Try integrating vector and bitmap images from Photoshop with CorelDRAW!

There is also a much better vector program available for PCs than CorelDRAW - XaraX. I'll be reviewing it in next month's editorial and telling the sad story of how Corel bought it from the UK developers and hid it under a rug so that it wouldn't show their program up. Well,it has been relaunched by the original developers and is many maginitudes faster and easier to use than CorelDRAW - and much cheaper.

Having said that (my humble opinion) the results you get from a program come down to familiarity and how well you use it. I've see brilliant work from CorelDRAW, Illustration and Freehand. That is more to do with the user than the program.

I've used Illustrator since version 1. I've never liked Freehand and hate CorelDRAW. On the other hand, I have friends, who I respect, who prefer Freehand to Illustrator. I don't (personally) know anybody that uses CorelDRAW in the graphics or print business here in London - because they tend to be Mac-based. Certainly, where PostScript output is important, Illustrator is king and integrates so well with Photoshop.

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