Graphics: GIMPshop - GIMP with the Photoshop interface

started by Zero0w on Apr 1, 2005 — RSS Feed

Zero0w Zero0w
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A lot of complaints on the GIMP interface should now be resolved with this new hack and modification of the GIMP project called GIMPshop:

Hack turns GIMP into Photoshop Look-alike:

Currently only Mac OS X and Linux versions are available.

David David
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Cracked Photoshop users around the world rejoice. Too bad all this effort couldn't have been put into improving the GIMP.

btw, are we sure this isn't an april fools joke?

Zero0w Zero0w
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No, it is not.
You can download and try it out.

Btw, some enthusiasts managed to compile a Windows version, so you should be able to find a build for Windows, Linux or Mac platform.

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