Graphics: Inkscape

started by David on Feb 10, 2005 — RSS Feed

David David
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Just discovered this the other day. It's a vector drawing app, presumably designed to fill the gap that (the ever-controversial) gimp leaves. I've just finished playing with it and I have to say, I really like it. It's very intuitive, maybe because it's still very feature light, and is actually pretty inspirational; high praise from someone with little artistic skill, like myself.

I found it after reading this article at OSnews. It's an interesting read for those who like to follow software development. Basically, it's a (common had) discussion about improving interoperability between the various OSS graphics apps in development, so that each of their strengths can be drawn on. It's a typical linux philosophy to use open standards to integrate apps together in this way. The idea is to combine the different apps' strengths rather than have one monolithic hulk of a program that does absolutely everything.

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