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started by Smylmkr on May 12, 2005 — RSS Feed

Smylmkr Smylmkr
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I'm attempting to put a rotating image on my index page that will load a new image every time the page refreshes.

Can anyone assist me with a simple bit of code that will allow me to rotate approx 10 images within a 2 column table.

Thank you!

Joe Gillespie Joe Gillespie
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Have a look at my random banner changer (on the WPDFD home page). You can easily modify it to add more images and change the image size.

The script is at

Just add more images to the array and change the mfmax variable to whatever is required.

Having a sequential image changer is a a bit more difficult as in involves using cookies and a lot of people have cookies disabled in their browsers.

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