Graphics: What Resolution for Designing in Photoshop

started by Michael Ware on Feb 13, 2008 — RSS Feed

Michael Ware Michael Ware
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I'm a web developer, chopping up psd comps and building out sites based on my co-workers designs. Someone asks about higher quality graphics of text, and sharper images as main banners.

I'm not sure how best to design comps and graphics. Should designers always use screen resolution in the original psd file?

If you use a serif font at screen resolution and then save for web, are you getting a fuzzier image than if you work at a higher resolution and then optimize? And if you use a higher resolution in photoshop, will that throw off the measurements in pixels when individual graphics are optimized for the web?

for example, the tag line in the top left looks a little degraded on this template I'm building?
suggestions to improve the quality would be welcome.

Mike Crone Mike Crone
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Use 72 dpi and turn anti-aliasing off for any text.

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