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started by Vladimir on Jan 6, 2004 — RSS Feed

Vladimir Vladimir
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I created a navigation bar with CSS. Each link is inside a DIV. I have made it so that the link text have LINK, VISITED, HOVER, and ACTIVE properties.

When I preview the page, in this case in IE6, the rollovers work fine at first. But after I clicked on one, without moving to another page, and roll over it again, it doesn't work.

In addition, how do I make it so that the current page link is a different color when it is opened? the ACTIVE property doesn't seem to work.

Thx in advance.

Suzanne Suzanne
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aseudo-classes need to be in order:


Have you considered using unordered lists instead of divs?

In order to make the current page link a different colour you can use contextual CSS and IDs and a local stylesheet on each page with the information, or script a solution along those lines.

:active is only for when you click on the link and hold it, it doesn't apply to the current url at all.

Asif Shabbir Asif Shabbir
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Maskodok Eko Maskodok Eko
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