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Jcadre Jcadre
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Okay, BESIDES my overuse of tables (perhaps), I'm looking for feedback on this site:

Comments, suggestions...?

Thanks, J

Baxter Baxter
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I don't hate it, but looking at your examples it doesn't look like your best work, either... and it should be.

Jcadre Jcadre
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Thanks for the feedback... can you be any more specific? What do you think keeps it from measuring up to my other sites? Layout? Graphics? Content presentation? I've looked at it and the other sites too much!   ???

Joe Gillespie Joe Gillespie
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It's actually very difficult to do a site for yourself - or even a logo. You can be TOO creative or not creative enough. It depends on the kind of work you want to attract. If you present very 'ordinary' sites in your portfolio, people wil assume that that is all you can do. If you do something 'way out' then it might put conservative clients off.

I think that your site will attract 'conservative' clients who don't want to spend much. Is that what you want? I prefer 'nutters' with bottomless purses myself :?)

Teche Teche
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my two bits,

Things i noticed first
Was your logo which is really good but I cant tell if that is shadowing under the painters pallet or a stand just the odd color of it doesn't work well?

The solid background is kinda bland a dark blue isn't fun to stare at. Maybe a some borders on those tables would look nice. Take this site for example the colors are very complementary and the lines in the background ad depth. The pic in the upper right hand corner gives a slight border effect which throws off the background.

The main nav is simple a sweet if you threw in a fade of gradient effect where it ends it would blend in more nicely with the parterre next to it.

Consistency wise when I go between your home and serves page, etc., the size drastically changes kind bugs me. Font themes remain consistent and are spaced well i love the ying yang graphical elements very cool and sumbliminal ;D

I really like your animation it is done very tastefully.

You do not have a contact forum! I love that if there is one thing I hate its a company that wont give you there e-mail!

I have no idea where your company is. I have no idea what area code 817 is.

What I would recommend to you is you need to get your hands on Photoshop no need to buy books on Photoshop there are a ton of great sites on the web that offer good tutorials.

But keep in mind im a graphics kinda guy standers and me do not get along to well...if your feeling frustrated always remember your company is your company! You represent your self and how you want to is up to! you alone!  Not how outer people say you should be doing it.

Jcadre Jcadre
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Wow! Thanks for all the feedback!

Glad you mentioned the missing location info. Something I'd meant to do but had forgotten. (BTW - 817 is ~Fort Worth, Texas.)

Good graphics feedback. I'll be working on the background.

I'm curious about your recommendation about PhotoShop. I use it every day and do all my graphics (except animation) in it. Were you suggesting it for overall layout purposes? I use it for that, too, but maybe I'm not optimizing it in that regard. Also, I'm a graphics type too, but I've got that weird combination of standards (left brain) and graphics (right brain) leanings. The left side definitely intrudes on (ergo inhibits) the right!

Thanks again.


Teche Teche
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The graphics on your site they look good, my recommendation is some just don't flow well,  simple gradients/blending techniques will help get rid of those "hard edges" for example right where CONTACT US ends "the image behind that" clashes hard with the outer image. Ive been obsessed with Photoshop for years. I might have a problem  : it just keeps getting better! I always goto this site For inspiration and to learn just great techniques. I always use pics of my friends or family as Ginnie pigs learning new stuff. it makes it more fun to show them how I turned them into a zombie. Ive read tons and tons of articles/books on design/web. They arnt very helpful, they are kind of a bad thing in my honest opinion. most people don't realize that these books on optimization and cross comparability are for the "big boy" sites to implement like amazon etc. Don't get me wrong there are general basic concepts that I interpret and believe in. But somewhere along the line people seem to loose there way. I don't think they realize how much of there own creativity they are throwing away because of these articles preaching... This is how it should be done!... This is how fast it should load! You have to do this! maybe that's is why i see the same website design every where i go.... its bad enough all the of sacrifices website designers must make for SEO alone. more and more i see websites that are written more for the robots then us humans. all right im starting to ramble on hmm i think im just thought of a good article to write  

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