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Damion Damion
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What do you think to my website, its not finished yet but I have got some work uploaded.

Thanks, Damion.

Stan Stan
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You really ought to learn CSS,,especially if you intend to charge people money for your services. All those empty table cells are needless bloat.

You left out a couple of alt attributes, so your page doesn't validate.

Ospose Ospose
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Design is not bad, you have hope to grow as a Web Designer. Why do you produce so many empty table cells? In Germany you need an easy to find adress who is responsible for website content.

Stmaster Stmaster
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For beginning, is pretty good ! I think you will have a bright future ! ;D

J. Cornelius J. Cornelius
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Yep. Keep up the good work!

- J

Stephanie Parker Stephanie Parker
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Hi there,
I tried looking at the link, but I didn't see any webpage. I am sure it looked snazzy. (0:

I have a question I was hoping someone here could help me with. I am just beginning to learn graphic design. I have been a painter and photographer for some time now, but would like to explore the world of graphic art. Currently I am trying to make a webpage that will be hosted by freehostia, and I want to use a drawing I did as my layout. Can anyone tell me or direct me to a site that explains a. how to use css and or html, and b. how to implement a drawing as a layout?

All I have found so far are tutorials that show how to create your standard page, rectangular bars and columns. This is great, but I really had my heart set on putting my own spin on it. I guess its an art thing. lol.



J. Cornelius J. Cornelius
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You might check out the CSS Zen Garden for some excellent examples of non standard layouts using CSS. They also sell a book that covers many of the techniques used by the designs on the site. I recommend it.

Once you have an understanding of the basic concepts of CSS, the best way to learn is to look at the way other people did things and play with the code to see how it reacts.

You might run into some snags, but you'll be a better designer for it.

- J Website Designer Website Designer
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The site looks ok. Keep it up. You'll get better. - Your full service web & graphic needs

Alexander F. Alexander F.
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So where's the site now?

Levien Eelman Levien Eelman
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The site doesn't seem to be active and it is now a landing page with adsense.
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Hannah Oakwood Hannah Oakwood
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nice design but you can still improve it

Web Design India Web Design India
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Can't open the site mate.. can you please check if its still available.

web design India

Priam Vathaa Priam Vathaa
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Good Work. Keep it up.

Jerry Cobb Jerry Cobb
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the website in question

Ok, so I went through a lot of time and effort designing this website, being hosted on Hostmonster, I designed it using photoshop and image ready. It looks pretty much exactly how I want it to.

Here's my problem!

I can't get the text on it, well maybe I'm just such a newb, but all the text is stored as images which sucks because you can't highlight the text, and it's not readable by any spiders, or any of that, what can I do aside from starting all over and re-uploading every little slice, there are about 22 per page, and about 5 pages, with hostmonster only really allowing 3 simultaneous uploads (they allow more but it takes even longer then) at a time, that is alot of time just uploading replacement images.

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.

I love the look the site has now, I just want the text to be not an image file and be able to make adjustments without having to completely redesign the site!

Please help this sad newb!

Sorry to post this here, but I couldn't start a new thread kept getting error on page

Nathan Lane Nathan Lane
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One hint I can give you Jerry is learn to allow CSS to do the styling for you, only create the images you need, never use slicing, and don't use tables for layout -- although I can't see what site you're talking about -- you can have a look at mine (which is ever-changing): -- I only use CSS on my site and the images that I absolutely need


Jason Hyman Jason Hyman
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keep trying!

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