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started by John Lutz on Jun 15, 2007 — RSS Feed

John Lutz John Lutz
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I read all of the "Align to bottom in CSS?" thread in this same forum to try to fix a bottom aligning issue I had. I ended up using Kk5st's solution, but it creates a new problem with my particular layout and there is also somthing in my css that is messing up the bottom align just a bit only in FF.

Here is a link to the revised page with the bottom align css:

Here is a link to the page before I added it.

As you can see, first I would like to have the content centered and not flush left, so that is my main issue. I can't seem to find good solutions for this except text-align and margin-left and right set to 0 and these were not working for me with the new bottom align stuff added in for some reason.

Also, something in my main content is messing up at the bottom in FF. All the main content areas are floats and for some reason the text is riding up on the content if I have them set as floats. You can also see this problem on this page:

Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks.

Mason Van Tassel Mason Van Tassel
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Your site looks OK to me. I know it's been a month since you did this post, did you resolve your problem? (the "newsite" folder doesn't work).



Chris Hacken Chris Hacken
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His page isn't even showing up for me.

Mason Van Tassel Mason Van Tassel
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Leave out the "newsite" and it will work


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