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Mpj Mpj
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I've been banging my head against a wall for 4 days now over a new site that I'm trying to develop. Everything works as intended in Firefox (PC and Mac), Safari, Opera 7 (PC and Mac), Safari and IE5 Mac.

Internet Explorer 6 however, adds what looks like a line of white space (well actually it's blue) between the bottom of the container <div> that centralises everything on the page and the final child <div>. I'm sure there's a solution to this that won't break the design in another browser but after 4 days I could use some outside help...

I haven't  attached any file to this post because they are large, I don't want to waste anyones bandwidth.


There is a screen grab of the design as intended at the following url:

A screen grab taken from Internet Explorer 6 is here:

The code from an example page is here:

Finally, here's the CSS:

Joe Gillespie Joe Gillespie
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Dunno, it's hard to say when the example page isn't linked to the CSS so I can't look at the block outlines with WebDeveloper Toolbar - but I would guess that it's your use of float: right for #mpjdesign_link. Try float: left and give the #copyright_text and appropriate width.

Mpj Mpj
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Thanks for your help Joe, seems like you can't keep away inspite being retired.

I tried your suggestion but it gave no improvement; Having said that it did put me on the right path. The problem was infact with #catchphrase_bar above.IE6 gave it some padding/margin/something. By reworking the phone number and catchphrase into one single image, placing that at the beginning of #copyright_bar and removing #catchphrase_bar everything works as it should. Just got to check that it still works OK in IE5 Mac, Safari etc. Oh, also got to modify the CSS for IE5 Windows...

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