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Joecaggi Joecaggi
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I just received a project to create a web site for a doctorís office.  Unfortunately, they are not computer or web savvy.  They have left it up to me to design a layout for their website with minimal feedback.  They donít even have a corporate colour or favorite web sites. The only color that is consistent in the office is blue and light blue. They have about 4 pages of content which includes a bio page. They also asked me not to put an email address, but only their mailing address and telephone number.

Does anyone know how I should approach this?


Lori Lori
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Hi Joe,

I am a new face here, but well know your issue.

What I do when I am faced with a client who is not net savvy, I Google his market. What are the design trends for people in his market? Choose colors based on what you see in his office (if you can) and build a pallete from that - if blues are already in place, use them. Make suggestions to the client based on research, and make him "sign off" on the decisions that are made.

Oh, and charge accordingly for your research time.

Good Luck!

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