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Draigtiene Draigtiene
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I'm just getting back into web design and i must say css make it all much simpler then it was years ago when i first learned html. Actually personally i found using them is far easier then all the tables i had to contend with long ago, I have to give  a lot of credit to the editorals on the subject right here on this site which managed to walk me through thanks!

D4ve D4ve
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I agree, debugging a complex table with all the colspans and rowspans was a nightmare, css can still go wrong but its so much easier to find the problem.

The advantages to CSS are endless aswell, I'm enjoying it a lot tbh

Stephanie Parker Stephanie Parker
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I noticed you two were talking about css, and I was wondering... if I used css instead of html, would I be able to make a webpage out of a scanned drawing I did? I am extremely new to web design, but am very intent on learning how. Can anyone out there direct me to a good instructional site, or step by step guide? I really have my heart set on using this drawing as my layout, rather than one of the many simple designs they teach in most tutorials. Call me over zealous if you will, lol.

Cesar Perez Cesar Perez
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Hello Stephanie,

I think you're misunderstanding how CSS works. It's not a replacement for HTML, but a different way of presenting HTML. The goals of CSS are to separate the content from the design of your pages.

By removing things like font tags, spacer gifs, and tables used for layout you can make your pages more accessible (for disabled visitors) and more search-engine friendly.

You would still need to markup your content using HTML tags to denote headers, paragraphs and the like. You can then use a stylesheet to specify what colors each element will be, where they will be placed, how large they should be, etc.

Some of the best tutorials I can recommend are the CSS articles on this site, the CSS Zen Garden, and

Motive Minds Solutions Motive Minds Solutions
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