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Jb Tinker Jb Tinker
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Hello everyone.

I have just put a site together ( - and the client wanted it to look very corporate...

I have not really had to do a highly corporate design before so I was looking for some comments or suggestions for improvement on the design.

Any comments are welcomed!


Henry Peterson Henry Peterson
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As a first attempt in the designing world, I would say it's fine. However, I still feel you must place the content in a way that it gets ample breathing space. Why don't you consult a professional web designer? I suggest, better would be to seek help from MAG Studios []. The company is known for its superior customer services and indispensable guidance. MAG is a quality focused customer centric organization and benchmarks its performance against the parameters of customer value and customer satisfaction

Krystine Tawnie Krystine Tawnie
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