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Schomer Schomer
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Anyone purchased the West Civ CSS tutorials that include CSS layout? Are there any others out there that are written in that kind of easy-to-follow style, which are free, or should I suck it up and spend the bucks?

Why am I so cheap? I'm jobless and trying to start a software company at the same time - and in the background, am trying to advance my web skills on the cheap!

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


Kk5st Kk5st
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Google is your friend.  With all the excellant tutorials available on-line, I would hesitate to shell out for what is so freely offered.  HTML and css are not that difficult.  You won't be a guru overnight, but you don't expect that, right?



Stan Stan
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If you can afford them or find 'em in the library any books by Eric meyer or Jeffery Zeldman.

Schomer Schomer
Posts: 24

Right on. Thanks guys!

Maskodok Eko Maskodok Eko
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Kokokmas Kokokma Kokokmas Kokokma
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You know, Sim City Societies had a lot of potential, it was a great concept that was horribly developed and lacked any kind of depth. The idea of individualize buildings functioning independently playing its role in a largely diverse and thriving city.

The new Sim City appears to be the classic Sim City gameplay we saw with SC4, combined with a far better developed version of the Societies concepts. Looking great guys, don't let us down.

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