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Teresa Teresa
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I am relatively new and any help would be greatly appreciated.

This link will take you to an example of the navigation bar I created in flash and that I am having problems with.  navigation test

If you click on the button, a sub-menu will roll in from the left, when you move your cursor over the far right item on the sub-menu there is a rolling effect. I would like to stop this rolling effect.

I purchased the book, “Usable Web Menu’s” and found this code in Chpt 5. code for flash menu.

I have gone through all the scripts and so far have not found the way to fix this.

I am open to using another type of navigation. It would be even better if I could roll over the button and the sub-menu items appeared, very much like the nav bar on the site.

Thanks for the help!


Joe Gillespie Joe Gillespie
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Hi Teresa,

The sub menu rolls in from the right on my system. I assume that you mean right and not left. Anyway, they is no way that anybody here can debug a Flash movie with access to the source code. It is extremely annoying how it moves back and forth.

As it happens, this is *exactly* what the October editorial is about. I'm doing a tutorial on drop-down menus using CSS. I'm doing it the 'right' way - in other words, the menu behaviour that people expect from using a Windows or Mac computer. The Quantas example is wrong, that is not expected menu behaviour. A menu should require a click not a rollover to activate. This is a fundamental GUI principle.

If you can't wait until then, write to me off-list and I will send you some examples.

Baxter Baxter
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Your menu did nothing at all for me, so I'm not much help on any aspect of it, but I've used Flash menus before, and won't do it again without a gun to my head.

Consider... If they don't have the correct plugin, visitors can't navigate the site.

If you have to update/alter the navigation, you're typically into a whole world of work with Flash, where with CSS you just change the text and call it a day.

Most visitors (I found) thought the effect was cool once, and annoying forever after.

You loose pretty much any accessibility you might have had, as well as all those keywords that are typically in the Nav.

The qantas menu you showed should be pretty simple  to build by slightly modifying the well-known suckerfish dropdowns, but in all honesty, I didn't like them either. I think forcing me to move my mouse across the screen to get to related submenus is poor usability.

Teresa Teresa
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Yes, it was my other left! How embarrassing!  

I am very interested in some examples, and eagerly anticipate your October issue. I do need to have this site up by the end of September and will write you “off-list” for some suggestions.

I like Flash, but I see how problematic it can be if visitor doesn’t have the plug-in. Other missing elements can be ignored, but no navigation….hmmm…it would be like driving a car without a steering wheel.

I can definitely see the limitations, Thanks!

Baxter Baxter
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Probably the two most commonly used CSS-based dropdowns (and in my opinion, best) are suckerfish and gazingus.

Suckerfish activates on mouseover, gazingus on click. Run a google for either, you'll find 'em.

Nickro Nickro
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I'm guessing your problem has something to do with the drop-down thing's movie clip having the buttons positioned differently in different keyframes. But as said above, without seeing the FLA file, can't really tell you what the specific problem is. But changing things in one keyframe and forgetting to in another is something I manage to do quite a bit!

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