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started by Ryan Condict on Jul 3, 2007 — RSS Feed

Ryan Condict Ryan Condict
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I am trying to create a table for a chart and I want the border to be 1px. When I do this the outside border is 1px, but the borders for each cell are not there. What do I need to do to make the cell borders also 1px?

Kip Hansen Kip Hansen
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Drop your present code for the table in this forum.


Kip Hansen Kip Hansen
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Well, that's a surprise....a web design forum that strips out html.

I've attached a simple file. Rename it to test.html and open in your browser.


test.txt - 1k

J. Cornelius J. Cornelius
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Thanks for pointing that out. We have a way to include code blocks in posts, but it appears it didn't get pushed live yet. I'll have the guys do that ASAP.

- J

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