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Laurentm Laurentm
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I wish to put some music on my site to add a bit of Vavavoom into it.
This site is made of about 6 html.
The problem is that if I assign music to my first html and then go the next page, the music will restart from beginning whichever software I use (flash or dreamweaver).
Also, If I assigned a behaviour to a button to "play sounds"within dreamweaver, an ugly child window progress bar (probably Quick time)
appear in the middle of my carefuly prepared layout page.

Is there a way to make the sound stream without restarting once you get to a new page and without seeing the bar  ???

Mattman Mattman
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No, if you leave the page, the sound will stop no matter what system you use.

Sound that is not requested on web sites is a bad idea anyway and very likely to put people off. Imagine sitting in an open plan office and loud music starts up from your PC, it's very embarrasing.


Laurentm Laurentm
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Thanks Matt for your help.

I think the only way to have sounds on a site would be to have it done entirely made in Flash and let it loop couples of times
which isn't my caseas it's halh in html and half in Flash.

I don't think having sounds on a site is a bad idea.
It really enhance the sense of interactivity, nevermind the collegues!

Pandy Pandy
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Nice to see the forum back.  

If you don't want to go all flashy there are only two options really. Either use frames where you can play the music in a small/hidden frame or run it in a pop-up window.

Joe Gillespie Joe Gillespie
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There is another option, preferable to framesets, which is to use CSS to load and hide layers. This gives the effect of using frames, ie, there is only one page instead of several.

I have an article about how to do this here but  it's a wee bit difficult with a WYSIWYG editor.


Streamer Streamer
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Just looked at your site, based on the small quantity of content I would suggest the layer solution, you'll also loose the screen change and improve speed of responce. Your portfolio could be a seperate page with a different sound track. whichever solution you go with be sure to have a sound control and use a sound which has a slow growing intro, rather than starting with a blast.

Gendalf Gendalf
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I'm adding music to my site using Flash Voice Buttons - maybe you will like it as me.

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