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started by Dficks on Dec 4, 2004 — RSS Feed

Dficks Dficks
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Hello, I am trying to solve a problem for someone where text is not displaying in the Safari (OS X) broswer on a web site created in FrontPage. The website uses a FrontPage theme -- it is at . Links and graphics on the site display fine, text does not. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Stan Stan
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Well, I looked at the source code and was instantly reminded why I hate FrontPage!            <p><b><font face="Arial"><a href="index.html">

           <span style="text-decoration: none"><font color="#333399" size="2">Home</font></span></a></font></b></p>
Al of this could be replaced with<p><a href="index.html">Home</a></p>All the rest of that needless bloat could be taken care of in the style sheet. I've never seen 2 font tags, plus a span surrounding one word before. I don't know if cleaning up that mess would make the text show up in Safari, but it wouldn't hurt. A doctype would also be a good idea. And you should see what the w3c validator thinks of it.

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