Layout: To use css positioning or not to use

started by Orbit26 on Dec 26, 2004 — RSS Feed

Orbit26 Orbit26
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Hi  - I am just now getting up to speed with css, and am in the midst of building a website.

Anyone have some pros and cons of using the positioning and some pointers of what I can expect to go wrong if I do?

Basically, I like them, but forsee compatibility issues. But, on the other hand, so many sites use it now, I think it's the more 'professional' way to go.


Stan Stan
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There's really no reason not to CSS for layout, except that you already know how to use tables and are used to them. Ya gotta change sometime, might as well be now. Even NN4 will render your pages readable if you use @import. A List Apart will answer most of your questions. And I highly reccomend Zeldman's book.

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