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Virus Virus
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guys, would you please check my site out and tell me what do you think about it?
here is the link:

Joe Gillespie Joe Gillespie
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The site is clean and easy to use but there are a few places where it could be improved.

I would suggest that you use a GIF for the main image, I can see nasty compression artefacts in the white spaces between the figures. A GIF will be cleaner.

The logos on the left are a bit fuzzy. It's not easy getting clean graphics at this size but the anti-aliasing should be against a blue background, not a white one.

Apart from that, you need to validate (and fix) your HTML and CSS, which both show problems at the W3C validators. This is the way you learn to create clean code that will cause less problems across browsers and timespans.

Stmaster Stmaster
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Look at the Contact menu link , it seems to be  a little buggy. You also can improve the appearance of your site , is too modest.

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