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Kaostream Kaostream
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Can someone point me to info regarding creating email that is formatted with html tags?
Do I need software? etc


Joe Gillespie Joe Gillespie
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That depends on what email program you use. It's built-in to some. You just chose plain text or HTML in the preferences. With HTML, you can choose the fonts, sizes, colours etc.

Be aware that many people consider HTML email to be a sure sign of spam and it gets filtered out before it arrives.

The only situation where it is 'safe' to use it is where people subscribe to a HTML newsletter and therefore it is whitelisted.

Dzblack Dzblack
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This is a good subject to bring up and discuss. Here's my story...

...We have turned off all incoming HTML email in our email program. I wonder how many other people have done the same?

If you choose to send HTML email, you also need to send a plain text version for those who have turned off HTML email. You can find professional mass mailing programs on

Hopefully, you are talking about OPT-IN mailing lists. If you are, then Joe is correct about the whitelist thing. Your mailing list customers may need to add your email address to their whitelist. This is becoming the norm now that many ISP's are using spam filters more and more. My ISP is using SPAM ASSASIN and each of us has the opportunity to build our own whitelist of legitimate email addresses to let through the filter. Are your customers willing to go that extra step just to get your mail?

We used a professional mass mailing program a few years back with success. In our case, it was legit and used for communicating with a golf club. We were sending out monthly emails to over 800 people. Our emails were a combination of HTML/plain text, configured by the program and everything worked. Those who turned off HTML email got the plain text version while all others got the HTML email. Unfortunately, it was a lot of work keeping up with all the bounced mail as people changed email addresses a lot. It worked well a few years ago, however...

...It thoroughly angered my ISP. They watched my like a hawk watches a rabbit. Even though we were legit, we became the enemy as far as my ISP was concerned, legit or not. This was a few years ago and since all that, we have stopped using mass mailing through email. Why?

Because too many people are doing it with a total disregard to any rules, common sense or compassion. Many have not yet learned to send good HTML email and many do not yet send a combination HTML/plain text version. Also, you can become the enemy of your ISP. People are learning to turn off HTML email anyway.Also, Bill Gates wants to start charging for all email through his servers.

There's our story. Good luck.

Baxter Baxter
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I turn off html email. It's never anything I want, anyway, and it's a good way to tell at a glance if it's legit. Now if I could just figure out a way to set up a "gibberish" filter, I'd be set!

Mrblack Mrblack
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dzblack said:
In our case, it was legit and used for communicating with a golf club.

I had no idea HTML email could be used in such a way; what did the club have to say?  Stop hitting stuff with me?  Keep me out of that dingy old bag?

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