Markup: Menubars with HTML?

started by Joe Gillespie on Jan 6, 2004 — RSS Feed

Vladimir Vladimir
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Is there any reason why (X)HTML does not include tags for 'dynamic' menubars? I mean, it would basically be like a drop-down list (for forms) except with subdirectories, customizable links, colors, and bullets.

Joe Gillespie Joe Gillespie
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Well, nothing major is going to change in HTML. XHTML is eXtensible, so there's a possibility for that to happen there but the backward compatibility could be a big problem.

Wouldn't the way to do it to be to use the existing form menu mechanism but be aable change the 'skin' with CSS? There could be a flat graphic 'skin' instead of the 3D one(s) we have now.

That brings up an interesting new topic - HTML/CSS Wish List

Baxter Baxter
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Vlad, xhtml does. It's called CSS, which will let you completely control what's visible and when. Unfortunately, IE doesn't hold up its end of the deal without some javascript help, but maybe someday....

Jdenny Jdenny
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While a menu tag might have been useful in the context of web sites, it is not relevant for web pages (hypertext documents), but a list <ul> of links <a> is the nearest thing you can get.

Then use CSS to add presentation code so it looks like a menu bar;
And CSS/JavaScript to add behaviour code so it shows/hides the submenus.

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