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started by Baffone on Mar 29, 2004 — RSS Feed

Baffone Baffone
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When I visualize a page with a Flash movie grabbing text from an external source, "special" characters (e.g., apostrophe, accented vowels, or Spanish n with tilde) doesn't show.
Mac OSX, US keyboard and main language, any browser. See an example at where I can't see any special character (for instance, the ~ in the word 'aņos'.)
The document is xml and declared encoding is utf-8. Any hint?

Joe Gillespie Joe Gillespie
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Support for UniCode in browers and Flash is dreadful at the minute. It's a waste of time even trying.

Is there any reason why the text can't simply be vectorised in Flash? Then you can be sure of what you are going to get.

It's either that or using an older encoding that does work.

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