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Duegattineri Duegattineri
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Hi Gang, I am looking for some help here with my new site. I am more of a graphic designer with limited web skills but I am learning, so any help you can offer would be so greatly appreciated! The site is:

I created my client's site on my Mac G4, OSX.2 in Photoshop CS, using layers to create rollovers. I jumped the file to Imageready CS to write the HTML code and save slices. Then I opened the pages in GoLive CS to tweak the code and make the links work. My site is beautiful and as expected on my Mac and in Netscape. In Explorer on my Mac, I see unwanted blue borders around my slices when I click certain links. My pals on PC say the site shows dashed (DASHED?!?!?) borders around my slices whenever a link is visited.

Question #1) How can I remove this unwanted border?

Question #2) In a more general sense, is there a better way to build my pages, or is this 3 program string crazy?

Question #3) My pages load in the slices in which they were created, but I wish they would load, eh, more quickly and all at once. I tried the preload action in GoLive but it consistently crashed my machine when I try to insert it into html pages crated by ImageReady. Any Ideas?

Joe Gillespie Joe Gillespie
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#1. I cover this topic here

near the bottom of the page. You need to add the doBlur() function to the JavaScript and the onfocus="doBlur(this)" to each anchor. That will get rid of the IE frame. There is another thing that crops up in IE, the nasty floating image toolbar. You get rid of it with a meta tag...

<meta http-equiv="imagetoolbar" content="false">

#2. There are better ways to build web pages. The programs that you are using write inefficient code. It works, but it is bloated, slows down the page load time and is difficult to modify. The downside is that you have to be able to write it yourself which requires more skill on your part.

#3. Slow loading can be caused by inefficient code - see above. The only way to make images load all at once is to preload them but the overall impression that that gives is of an even slower load because you have to wait until they are all loaded first and in the meantime, you are looking at nothing. Psychologically, the wait seems even longer than when watching them appear gradually.

What I will say is that your use of images for text is *very* bad practice. Apart from the longer loading time, your pages will not be indexed by search engines, your Google rating will be negligible and as for accessibility, there isn't any. You have styled this site but haven't 'designed' it. To get a good Google position, not only do you have to have meaningful text on a page, it should also be semantically marked-up with the proper h1, h2 ... p. GoLive won't do this for you, you have to do it. That's what Web 'design' is all about.

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