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I have done simple web sites, for a number of years.  I have used tables and css, along with photoshop old version for some time.  Now I am going to the end of uni I find out about validation, and want to create sites that validate in xhtml.

I have a basic knowledge of css, as it does much more than I origanally thought.  I have a simple site which I think would be a good project to redesign and create in xhtml

I would like some tips as where to start how to structure the pages, I have used tables to get the information where I want to go, but no longer will need some advance and guidance to start me off it possible.


Baxter Baxter
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Every tag must have a closing tag. that's a big thing.
Make all tags lowercase. That's another one.

That'll get you about 90-95% there. The last 5 percent is just practice.

Most editors have an xhtml converter built-in. Use it, and watch what it does. If you don't have one, try to get a copy of Tidy.

Then validate, validate, validate. After you fix a tiny error 20 times, you stop making it.

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