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David David
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I'm about to sign up for a course in web design/dev, at the end of which I'll get a CIW qualification and a job.

It occured to me that, although I know much about web design, I know little of what a career doing it for a company would actually be like.

Is it likely to be creative meetings, collaborations with graphic designers and a chance to get artistic or is it a lot of sitting at computers typing the same old code?  No doubt it's a good helping of both but obviously I'm hoping for plenty of job satisfaction.

How stimulating does the community here find it as a career?  What are your favourite parts?  What are your least favourite parts?  I imagine it'd be a lot of fun, but the logical side of my brain is requesting some down to earth reasoning on the matter

Joe Gillespie Joe Gillespie
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I get a kick out of seeing something work. It's like being able to conjure-up a magic spell. All that power!!! I like most of the work. What I don't like is dealing with clients' whims and Explorer's foibles.

But not for much longer...

Michael Mitchell Michael Mitchell
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I am planning on a career in game design/programming and web design/programming. I would love to have a job where I can start as a web designer, but with no experience. I am right now taking courses to be a web designer. I know HTML, XHTML (forgot it XML is the same as XHTML or if they are different), and Cascading Style Sheets. I am learning about the element and the pseudo classes as well. Getting a job as a web designer with no experience would help me tremendously in getting a much better job in the future. Where can I look for a job like that?? If you like to email me, my email address is vietasianfox45@gmail.com.

Donald Dunbar Donald Dunbar
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i'm kinda wondering the same thing. What is the job market out there for this kind of thing?

Shankey Joshi Shankey Joshi
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Right now i think Web design is best freelancing job. I run a web development company from last 4 years and I am still looking for a good designer, There are lots of or say thousands of designers work online but only few of them are good.
if you like and enjoy designing , I think, go for it.
As its a old thread but if newbie is searching for same question, I recommend him to grab the web designing field.

Mujeer Ahmed Mujeer Ahmed
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I have planned to enroll for the web designer course though my qualification doesnt have a degree i may finish it of within 1 year till then can i get a job in web designing after the course please suggest my on that help me on

Mujeer Ahmed Mujeer Ahmed
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and i there rewarding career in that i have deep thinking to web designing i like that job though i know some thing about it, it works on html and graphic and can we hold our own business on that working through our home and get up our own office for other advertising companies please suggest me on that hope i may get soon reply

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