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I'm helping few of my former professors of building a curriculum for advanced web design. Here are some examples I have thought so far:
1.CSS and DIV layout -- layouts, the standard box model, navigation schemes, tabbed menus, rounded corners and more design-driven techniques
2.Fundamentals of PHP and server side Includes
3. Proposed projects for this course -- blog, simple shopping cart/ ecommerce, online portfolio, image gallery, guestbook

I just need more suggestions and ideas of what should be discussed in an advanced web design course. Of course, students have the basics of HTML and Dreamweaver and other web technologies they know of.

Mike G Mike G
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I think that a great start in terms of a curriculum that will help students learn good practiced in web design. Wed Design fundamentals and good practices are really important to learn at the college level but is too often not.

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Hello Jade M,
Please include advanced technologies such as Dynamic HTML, JavaScript, Cold Fusion, and MySQL.And please make categories like client-side and server-side technologies.

Thank You.

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Krystine Tawnie Krystine Tawnie
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CSS 2 added the new feature of generated content. This is content that the CSS adds to the HTML document. It is intended to add things like quotation marks around quotes, numbers or short intro text before or after elements, or bullets and images as icons. The problem is that generated content is not supported by Internet Explorer. Until this is resolved, Web designers should be advised not to use it.

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Ajnaz Ameer Ajnaz Ameer
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Hello Jade

These suggestions you got is worth. I think dynamic programmes should be teached in the designing classes as most applications are turning into dynamic for more options

Thank you

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