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Fp Fp
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We are a small company in a non-IT industry with little in-house IT experience.  We intends to set up an intranet and subsequently an internet web site.

My question is what would be a good set of software I should have on a new Apple Xserve Panther platform?

Would it be a WebObjects or a Macromedia or other platform.  My constraints are cost and ability to find freelance resource for the application development.

Joe Gillespie Joe Gillespie
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Unless I misundertstand your question, everything you need is already built-in.

Go to System Preferences

Click on the 'Sharing' icon

Check 'Personal Web Sharing'

Put your HTML files into the  Library: WebServer: Documents folder

That makes all your pages accessible on an internal network using the address <computer name>.local/index.html

To publish on the Web is a matter of choosing 'Internet' in the same control panel and switching it on - having connected on a suitable line.

OSX is running the industry standard Apache server out of the box and getting freelancers to do the fine tuning won't be a problem.

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