Miscellaneous: Advice for starting a career in web/database development

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Jason Reynolds Jason Reynolds
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I want to work at home, spend the day with my girl, decide my tasks/prioritize them and not have to deal with traffic or some of my co-workers.

Can some of you give me the top ten factors I should consider before pursuing a career in web design/datbase development.

Feel free to ask me questions that might help you make a better determination. Thanks.


Cesar Perez Cesar Perez
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Hi Jason,

For me, the number 1 factor is (and always has been) the discipline of sitting down and getting to work without a set schedule. Without a set list of what needs to be accomplished I tend to wander around in my head and be counter-productive in my projects.

Of course, your priorities can change on a daily basis but with so many other distractions around when you work from home it can be just a little harder than going into an office.

The next biggest factor for me, is dealing with clients. I don't have a "sales" background so it was pretty difficult for me to get into the mindset of constantly finding new clients to work with. I also hate having to nag people (family & friends) so calling clients and constantly requesting content or information is a bit of a hassle, but it does ensure they know I'm working on their project and that the results will be what they're expecting.

Other than these two gripes, I couldn't be happier when I do get a client that's as enthusiastic about their site as I am to work on it.

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