Miscellaneous: Anybody familiar with this company?

started by Etphonehome on Oct 25, 2004 — RSS Feed

Etphonehome Etphonehome
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I want to buy a software from http://www.etown21.com

Anybody familiar with them? Can't seem to find too much feedback anywhere about them to make my final decision about buying

Joe Gillespie Joe Gillespie
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I have no idea who they are but the fact that you can't find any information about them tells me all I want to know.

Alanat Alanat
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There are plenty of  'dealers' selling pirated software on the web but you are high and dry when it comes to support or upgrades. Buy from a reputable dealer not spammers!

Etphonehome Etphonehome
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Thanks for the feedback. I sent some emails to the owners of the sites that they say are using their software. Probably the best way to get information abuot the product.

Meanwhile anybody have any advice about online dating sites? Is it as easy to make money as people say?

Jonny Jacker Jonny Jacker
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I m not very sure.. but my friend recently bought few software from Organiser world.. You can check out. Hope it helps!!! Mobile Phones

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