Miscellaneous: Does education worth the time and money?

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T01 T01
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Can anybody point me in the right direction?

I have been reading about html and xhtml and also some of the css guide lines from the w3schools.com and I can basically build a simple html document with no images yet. I also know photoshop and flash basics.

My question to all professionals here is that: Should I enroll into a college course for like a B.S. (4 yrs ) or a Diploma ( 6 mons ) or just a certificate ( couple of weeks )? or Would I be able to learn more on my own and the good advise of others?

I know that education on this field or any field looks good on a resume.
I want to be able to design and to program a web site. no e-commerce or stuff like that yet. Any advise on this???

Joe Gillespie Joe Gillespie
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There is no substitute for a good college course. You can pick up stuff from books and web sites but what you don't get is feedback. Feedback is an essential part of the learning process.

T01 T01
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Thanks for the good advise ;D  I will enroll in one of these courses in my community college

Thank you

Richard Robbins Richard Robbins
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Hello T01,
I've had many discussions with people regarding whether a full blown college degree is essential or whether it's okay, or even more appropriate, to learn on your own. If you are a self-starter and don't want to hassle with jumping through hoops and learning "extra" (oftentimes useless) information, try reading some graphic design books on your own. You may find out that learning that way is difficult to do it alone, and you need something more structured. You can then start with a college course and escalate from there if you need to. A 4-year degree is expensive, so you should be confident that it will make sense to you economically.
My wife is an example of someone who hasn't needed to attend college to learn what she knows. She designed all of the website templates and Blogger templates for our website, and she's confident enough after six months of experimenting that she can teach Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, and other elements of web design.

Krystine Tawnie Krystine Tawnie
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I'm not sure what side to pick because I only agree with one aspect. College is worth the time (if it's spent getting an actual education and not doing idiotic stuff), but not worth the money.especially if you don't have the money. I'll first hand say it's not worth getting into debt for.

Rohit  Tripathi Rohit Tripathi
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yes I would suggest you the same, enroll in a college program and continue learning urself by w3c also.


Carm Tesoro Carm Tesoro
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Yea i suggest too that you at least get a diploma. Things will soon change. Its better if you equip yourself with one first

Andrew Peterson Andrew Peterson
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The vast majority of college graduates believe their degrees were worth the time, effort—and cash—they took to get, according to a survey scheduled to be released today by the American Council on Education. But the survey also found a gap between graduates' own college experiences and their perceptions of higher education in general.

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