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Victor Martinez Victor Martinez
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Hi, Im new to the web design world and I really seem to like it; enough to consider it a career option.
As to this I wish to know what I need to study to actually qualify for a career in web page design. Can anyone help me?

Cesar Perez Cesar Perez
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The thing I find interesting about web design is that it brings so many fields together that weren't interrelated in the past.

Some of the web designers that have been around for a while came from the programming/scripting side since they were already using computers daily, and they were actually creating the languages used on the web.

Many new web designers started as traditional graphic designers (meaning they designed primarily print layouts) then moved over to the web.

This means that at the very least you should have some knowledge of both fields (programming and graphic design), but the depth you want to go into for either is a personal preference.

I personally majored in Computer Science in college with a minor in Business Administration, and a ton of art classes for electives. I know plenty of people who majored in CS and minored in Graphic Design or the other way around. My choice was based off the fact I wanted to know a lot of the back-end needed to run a large site, like setting up a database, scripting, and understanding the languages.

The art classes really helped me understand color theory, and using Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Flash that I knew I'd need to create my own images and designs.

I guess what I'm really trying to say is that you should look into the basics then choose which path you're more interested in.

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