Miscellaneous: Grabbing the image of a complete Web Page

started by Analatana on Feb 10, 2004 — RSS Feed

Analatana Analatana
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 ??? Hi, I think I have read somewhere how to grab the image of the complete lenght of a web page, including what's out of screen, but I cannot remember how to do it, if it results that's not only in my imagination. I know that I can make different "print screens" and then paste them primorously into Photoshop, etc. etc. but, if anyone know a direct way to do it, help will be very welcome!

I try to make web pages not to long, at most an A4 lenght/width proportion, especially for a matter of princing, but, in that case, I also need sometimes the print to present it to the client. Thanks and rgds.


Joe Gillespie Joe Gillespie
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Ana, You need a screen capture program like SnagIt http://www.techsmith.com/default.asp to capture scrolling windows.

Analatana Analatana
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Thank you, Joe.

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